Conny & Bernhard

Letzte Workshop's 

Across The Ocean

Choreo: Colin Ghys, Hilla Levy Aslan, Giens Dancers 2023; Jp Barrois, Little Jo & Ivonne Verhagen; ; 32/4; Musik: Horizone Blue - Across The Ozean

I'm not Ready

Choreo: Dee Musk; 32/4; Musik: Sam Smith - I'm not Ready

If The World

Choreo: Heiko Lattner; 64/2; Musik: Tracy Lawrence - If The World Had A Front Porch


Choreo: Casey Lee Lowe & Tobias Jentzsch; 32/2; Musik: Lost Frequencies & Tom Gregory - Dive

Nowhere With You

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 32/2; Musik: Montana Taylor - Any-, Every-, Nowhere

The List

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 32/2; Musik: Tanya Tucker - The List

Whiskey Burns

Choreo: Noemie Paradis Kremer; 32/4; Musik: Zach McPhee - Whiskey Burns

Look What You God Gave US

Choreo: Dan Albro; PT; Musik: Thomas Rett - Look What God Gave Her

When You're Drunk

Choreo: H. Barton & G. Rodgers; 48/2; Musik: Olly Murs - I Hate You When You're Drunk

In Walked You (10 Years Westerngirls)

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 64/2; Musik: William Michael Morgan - In Walked You

Little Heartbreak

Choreo: Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk; 32/4; Musik: Richard Marx - Same Heartbreak Different Day

Whiskey Colored Eyes

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 48/2; Musik: Little Big Town - Whiskey Colored Eyes

Thank You

Choreo: Schneider/Lockton/Leibing; 32/2; Musik: Gestört aber Geil ft. Anna Grey

im La Porte - Bertingen - Juli 2023

Long Way Home

Palo Duro

Cheap Shots

Drive You Out Of My Mind

WS: 16. Rhöner Country Festival in Bernshausen - Juni 2023

Outside Looking In

Choreo: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner; 32/4; Music Road Pilots - Outside Looking In

New Friends

Growing Pains

 Stand by me

New Friends

Choreo: Garry O#Reilly; 32/4; Musik: Lainey Wilson - New Friends

Kiss Me

Choreo: Mathieu L'Huillier; 32/4; Musik: Dermot Kennedy - Kiss Me

Give Me Your Tempo

Choreo: Nathan Gardiner; 32/2; Musik: Matteo Bocelli - Tempo

Growing Pains

Choreo: Peter & Anna Jones; 32/2; Musik: Breland - Growing Pains

Stand By My

Choreo: Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk; 32/4; Musik: 45 Stars - Stand By Me

Triple You

Choreo: Schneider/Schill; 32/4; Musik: The BossHoss & Ilse DeLange - You

1 2 Snap

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher; 64/4; Musik: Rosa Linn - Snap

Jersey Giant

Choreo: Gudrun Schneider; 40/4; Musik: Elle King - Jersey Giant

Lucky King

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 64/2; Musik: Elle King - Lucky

Iris Pub Song

Choreo: Henning Jørgensen; 32/4; Musik: The High Kings - Iris Pub Song

Little Dirt

Choreo: Siggi Güldenfuß; 64/2; Musik: Randy Houser - Rub a little Dirt on it

The Harvester

Choreo: Séverine Fillion; 32/4; Musik: Brandon Heath - The Harvester