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Letzte Workshop's

Keep It Simple

Choreo; Maggie Gallagher; 32/4; Musik: James Barker Band

               Nothing But You (Yeah You)

 Choreo; Randy Pelletier; 32/4; Leaving Austin - Nothing But You

WS - La Porte - Bertingen


Choreo; Dirk Leibing; 32/4; Alle Farben & ILIRA - Fading

Dear Friend

Choreo; Kate Sala; 56/4; Ward Thomas - Carry You Home

Waves Of Love

Choreo; Gary O'Reilly; 64/4; Drake Jensen - Wherever Love Takes Us

Ice Cold Corona

Choreo: Pat Stott; 64/4; Zac Brown Band -  Start Over

I will follow him

Choreo: Amy Yang; 72/4; Peggy March - I will follow him

A Double Whiskey

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly; 64/4; A. Rising - That was the Whiskey


Choreo: French Cowgirls; 56/2; Sunny Cowgirls - I Wanna Be A Farmer 


Choreo: J.Rutherford&F.Cournoyer; 32/2; Trent Tomlinson-Dust


Aces and Eights

Choreo: K.H. Winson; 64/4; Derek Ryan-Full House,Empty Heart

Thank You

Choreo: Tina Argyle; 32/2; Musik: G.Perkins & The Breeze

The Grass Between My Toes

Choreo: Jason Drake; 64/4; Alan Jackson - I Still Like Bologna

Dancin' The Dust

Choreo: Tina Argyle; 32/4; Musik: Jon Pardi - Dirt on My Boots

Just a Burning Man

Choreo: Dan Albro; 32/4; Musik: Dierks Bentley - Burning Man

Long Haul Stroll

Choreo: Yvonne Anderson; 32/4; Musik: Steve Moakler


Choreo: Rob Fowler; 48/4; Musik: Brett Kissel ft. Dave Mustaine

Lonely Alone

Choreo: Tom Daly & Matt Thomson; 32/4; Musik: Daryl Worley

Clear Isabel 

Choreo: Flo Moresteps; 32/4; Musik: Aaron Watson


Choreo: Silvia Schill; 32/2; Musik: Cody Jinks

Hey Melody

Choreo: Gregory Danvoie & Lee Hamilton; 32/4; James Blunt ft.

I've Got Mexico

Choreo: Roger Neff; 32/4; Musik: Jorge Moreno

George Strait

Choreo: Sèverine Filione; 64/4; Musik: Meghan Patrick


Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben; 32/4; Musik: Ilse DeLange


Choreo: Marcus Zeckert; 32/2; Musik: George Ezra

Day of The Dead

Choreo: Dan Albro; 64/4; Musik: Wade Bowen

Higher And Higher

Choreo: Francien Sittrop; 32/4, Musik: Midland - Altitude Adjustment

Born To Love

Choreo: Gdrun Schneider &  Roy Hoeben; 32/4; Musik LANCO


Cowboy Cool

Choreo: Rep Ghazali-Meany; 32/4; Musik: Sonny Burgess


Choreo: Maddison Glover; 32/4; Musik: Drake White - Story

Nothin' Without You

Choreo: Anne Herd; 32/4; Musik: Wes Carr - You

Sweet Hurt

Choreo: Ria Vos; 64/4; Musik: Jack Savoretti

Holy Days;

 Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton; 32/4; Musik: Sean McConnell


Choreo: Alessandro - Axel 600 - Boer; 32/4; Musik: Cam

Golden Wedding Ring

Choreo: Séverin Fillion; 32/4; Musik: Terri Clark - Golden Ring

Break It Back Down

Choreo: Dwight Meessen; 32/4; Musik: Pat Green

Life After Love

Choreo: Dwight Meessen; 32/4; Musik: Rookies - Believe

Road Less Traveled; Choreo: Paula Frohn; 32/4

Drinking With Dolly; Séverine Fillion; 32/4;

Save Me Tonight; Maggie Gallagher 32/4

Hey Girl; Micaela Svensson Erlandsson 32/4

Lonely Drum; Darren Michell; 32/4

Feel The Beat; Chris Watson; 32/4

Sam's Ghost Town; Siggi Güldenfuß; 64/2

Staring At The Moon; Gudrun Schneider; 32/4

Old and Grey; Rob Fowler; 64/4

Bored; Ria Vos; 32/4

Country Boy's Paradise Cha; 32/4

Choreo: Judi Bisher-Schuler; 32/4;

Chasing Down a Good Time; Dan Albro; 48/4

Country In The City; Franky Markof; 32/2

Dog River Blues; Marie Sörensen; 32/4

J'adore; Gudrun Schneider; 32/4

Gypsy Queen; Hazel Pace; 32/4

Fireflies; Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels; 40/4

Only You; Steve Betweenchickens ft. Silvia Denise Staiti; 32/2